08 April 2007


Where Ya Been? Again.

Last weekend at this time, I was in Louisville, Kentucky, getting ready for the ASEE Southeast Region conference. I was presenting my paper on how the outcomes assessment process we use for our Computer Engineering and Software Engineering undergrad degrees work. Our senior design students won the poster competition for upperclass multidisciplinary design for the third year in a row!

I hadn't been to Louisville since 1982. Used to go up there as a roadie for Actuals, then Factual, (Nashville bands of the time) back then. Much like Nashville, the downtown seemed to have been revitalized by selective building and rezoning. New ballpark, new downtown entertainment zone (Hard Rock, etc.).

It had escaped me completely back then what a sin city Louisville is: You've got your tobacco, your booze (the conference reception featured a bourbon tasting—yum!), your gambling (horse racing). Told one of the conference hosts that all they needed was a "hooker hall of fame," and they'd have the sin market cornered. (His reply: "We're working on it.")

Hit one of the gay bars the Saturday night before. It was bear night. Nice crowd, nice guys.

All in all, seemed like a really nice city.

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Kudos to your senior design students.

1982 was a VERY long time ago, in every way.

Must have been a point to ponder.


The first two links are broken (or, at least, do not work for me).

Oh, man. I hate broken links. The one for the paper was lifted directly from my professional home page, so it's been sitting there broken for months. Yikes! I guess this means no one has tried to read the paper!


Bourbon: mmmmmmmm.

Yes, 25 years ago is when I left Nashville, went back to school in Boston, and tried to make a different life of it. I'm still on the path that resulted from that decision. Still wonder sometimes where it would've gone if we had taken the band on the road.

Ready? We are still alive! ;-)
Actually, there's an updated version of the paper with a couple of typos fixed that I need to upload, too! It's on my desktop box at work.
"Ready? We are still alive! ;-)"

Let's go!!!

We could jam in Joe's garage....
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