11 May 2007


Everything Am Backwards on Bizarro World

For your approval, a mild rant.

From the Daytona Beach News-Journal (here, likely perishible):
The onramp to Interstate 95 northbound from I-4 east was closed for several hours this morning after authorities found what they thought was explosives a vehicle involved in a crash.

The ramp to northbound I-95 was reopened by state officials at 2:40 p.m., after the sheriff's bomb squad found the suspicious item to be wiring for a car stereo.
Exhibit A, submitted for your approval. "Wiring for a car stereo." Our cops are so inept and so scared and so anticipatory of television coverage and so intent to find terrorists or so something beyond my imagination (well, not too far beyond) that they can't tell the difference between stereo wiring and a bomb?!?! ("Garden hose?" "Snake?" "Garden hose?" "Snake?")

The driver of the truck, Luca Vyazemski, 44, of Tennessee, was charged with careless driving and fraudulant license. Sheriff's officials said the man's evasiveness after the crash made investigators suspicious of the wires in the vehicle that Vyazemski was hauling.
Exhibit B, submitted for your approval: There are people from Tennessee named "Vyazemski"? Compare the likelihood of this in, oh, 1957, with the likelihood of such, now.

The accident occurred at 7:45 a.m. when a pickup traveling east on I-4 and towing a sport utility vehicle was exiting onto northbound I-95 and may have taken the sharp curve too fast, said Trooper Kim Miller, Florida Highway Patrol spokeswoman. The SUV rolled on its side but no one was injured.
Exhibit C, submitted for your approval: The road was closed from 7:45 a.m. until 2:40 p.m. because of stereo wiring.

Someone should be fired for this. Heads should roll. Surely there are smarter, more thoughtful, more resourceful individuals who want to be cops out the cop(s) who investigated this accident.

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Hey Guys,
Tnks for the comment on inapptitude
Scared the living hell out of me.
Just finished doing 3 weeks in jail for nothing, while beeing charged for having fradulent license on my own name. Can someone keep an eye on police?
This is getting stupid in USA.
I felt like I was back in USSR.
Anyway tnks a lot for fun article now I am famous
Luca Vyazemski
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