25 May 2007


It Was Thirty Years Ago Today....

Where was I? Second showing at the Orlando Fashion Square theaters. At that time, second show was around 1:00 p.m.; there were still morning matinées then.

I loved it immediately. It was simply the most exciting movie in years—well, excepting the trash bin scene which lasted forever and went nowhere fast. Sure it was dumb, and the acting was alternatingly hammy or lame, but it was incredible fun.

I have lost count of how many times I've seen it. I think I saw it 14 times before Empire came out. Run into someone who hadn't seen it, and it was, "You haven't seen Star Wars? Let's go!"

One of life's small regrets: Not buying a t-shirt, years later, from a fan/comic shop in Memphis that featured line art of Princess Leia pointing a blaster. Probably taken from the still to the right. I've never seen similar since.

I understand that just about everything associated with the film is debatable. Okay, big whoop. I don't think that detracts one bit from the phenomenon that it was and continues to be. I hope to always remember it fondly, with great respect and appreciation to Mr. Lucas for making it happen.

Addendum: How could I forget. Star Wars. Nothing but Star Wars.

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At that point in my life, I was so anti-everything popular that I refused to see it. When I told someone later that summer that I hadn't, they said, "you have no taste."

What did this populist idiot know from taste? He was still listening to Boston; I was into Weather Report and Return To Forever.


- BT
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