11 June 2007


Do I Really Need to Say This?

Who gives a rat's ass about The Sopranos?

Yes, I understand it has been the critical television success of the past five or so years. I understand that it is well written and appealing. I understand that it has captured a broad critical swath, incorporating both left and right in its (rather uncritical) collection of fans, especially among those who see themselves as defining or being the cultural vanguard.

I think we glorify gangsters too much. I know that The Godfather and The Godfather, Part II are great movies. The Godfather itself was a tidily written novel, if nothing to phone home about. I can deal with that. Those movies and that novel told us about a time and place in our history. The Sopranos is about now, and its nudge-nudge, wink-wink that it is cool for a psychopathic gangster to be an icon of popular culture is disgusting.

But, recall, I'm someone who closes his eyes when they show the bullet penetrating the skull of the deceased on CSI (any flavor).

Do we really need to be further desensitized to the violence and mayhem that follow crime, organized or un-?

Eff the Sopranos. Besides, I live, work, and play around too many New Jersey and Long Island transplants to have spent my time watching characters ostensibly set in New Jersey, Long Island, etc.

Enough. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Next: Why Lost sucks.

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