09 June 2007


Final OK/CO Trip Pics

Last sets of pics from the Oklahoma/Colorado trip.

Pike's Peak: Set here; example below.

Mack 3

Denver: Set here; example below.

Reds at Rockies 3

Sorry, but the Denver pics were shot with my Treo 650, so they're pretty crappy.

Spent much of this past week at the FAA Tech Center in Atlantic City. Have some phone cam pics from that trip, but not really much to look at. They're yet to be messed with in any substantive fashion. They put us up at the Trump Taj Mahal. We're talking serious gaudiness, people.

Excepting bars, I had forgotten what it was like to be inside in a place where people smoked; i.e., the casinos. Yikes. Came out ahead a few dollars on the blackjack, though. Big spender, etc.

We're off to Chattanooga for Saturday night. We'll visit there with a cousin on m dad's side. Then Sunday, we're at my mom's family's annual reunion on Sand Mountain in northeast Alabama. Maybe they're having the Alabama fan appreciation this weekend, again, too. What do you know? They are. But no Bonnaroo this weekend; that's next weekend.

Back home Sunday night for what I hope is a while. As much as I love it, I've been doing too much traveling.

Best wishes to all.

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