26 July 2007


More SNP Songs

With one exception, all from the same albums as the original list, and that one is by the same composer/performer.

Lowell George, "20 Million Things."
Minutemen, "Political Song for Michael Jackson to Sing."
Todd Rundgren, "Don't You Ever Learn."
Mr. Fripp, "Here Comes the Flood."
Wilco, "Pot Kettle Black."

Yes, "Here Comes the Flood" is really a Peter Gabriel song, and "You Burn Me Up I'm a Cigarette" is really a Darryl Hall song. But the versions I'm thinking about both appeared on Fripp's Exposure.

And, yes, one can argue that the performance and arrangement on "Don't You Ever Learn" are anything but "small." But I think that the underlying song is and that the underlying song comes through the over-arrangement quite nicely, even takes advantage of it. Well, maybe excepting the ride out.

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