11 July 2007


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Movie review, random observation, why you should read the recently rejuvinated The American Scene, etc.
I want to start with a proposal: When they make Die Hard 5: Die Really Hard, and For Real, This Time, which may not happen till far into the future at a point when the studio will have to graft a digital Bruce Willis face onto some poor stunt-shmuck and recreate his voice using a version of Pro Tools so smart that it will eventually control our nuclear weapons systems before turning on us, Skynet-style—when this movie is made, as it (or some variant) surely will be, I want Brad Bird to be the director.
As you likely know, Bird directed The Incredibles and Ratatouille.

The American Scene may tend to the right, but the writing is so sweet, and the sensibilities so American that it's easy to forgive the tendency of Reihan and the recently-assembled Ross Douthat-(who is also so wonderfully readable, even with his right-wing capital-C Catholic perspective)-less ensemble there to forgive the tendencies of Bush and his unindicted co-conspirators.

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