15 July 2007


One More

I'm am totally embarrassed to admit I can't remember the name of this one. Mike? Bryan?



By a surreal instance of free-association, the opening riff made me think of the end of a white-suburban-Presbyterian church service, though I never really knew what the "Benediction" was. I had a mental image of fancy-dressed elderly people slowly filing out of the front foyer of the sanctuary, known as the Narthex.

Who the hell knows why? And that was in a lucid moment.

- BT
By the way, where is this? At first I thought Springwater, then the light from the window refuted that, along with Mike's cutoff pants. I don't remember a window to the right of me when practicing in the Dartmouth Avenue house. But where else did we practice???

- BT
At first I thought it was "Anne Primm, RN". I was trying to figure out if that is a window or some sort of lamp/light. I don't remember practicing anywhere else either but I do recall video taping some of this. I seem to recall renting a B/W camcorder from somewhere.....

Neat to see those!

"I heard bells." - Aubrey Sawyers, c. 1980

- MM
"Shit - hide the drugs!"
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