13 August 2007


Greetings from California

Hi, all. I'm in California for this coming week. Currently in Santa Cruz, visiting Paul Maglio and Teenie Matlock. Paul is a college friend from MIT; he met Teenie when they were both at UCSD. Santa Cruz seems like a great place. Beautiful weather yesterday and today.

Pics are up here and here at Flickr. Examples below:

Kite Surfer

Paul and Teenie

Monterey Pine and Concrete Ship

Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse and Santa Cruz Surf Museum

Coast II

Wired Wash Cafe


Tomorrow, I head down to San Diego for some ERAU-related work. Wednesday I fly back up this way to San Francisco, where I am mainly catching up with friends from days gone by (think high-school roommate, a friend from the first tour at MIT, c. 1975, and another friend from MIT, second tour). The next weekend, I'm in Palo Alto for the 20th annual MOTSS con, where I'll again get to catch up with friends from earlier days.

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