25 August 2007


More California Pics

After the visit with Paul and Teenie in Santa Cruz, I flew to San Diego where ERAU's Joint Senates Coordinating Committee—faculty Speakers from the three campuses, Vice Speakers, Board of Trustee delegates— met with our new Provost.

Mahmut Reyhanoglu and Bob Oxley
Mahmut Reyhanoglu and Bob Oxley

San Diego Night II
San Diego at Night

After two days of meetings, flew back to northern California. Spent a couple of nights in San Francisco, visiting with other old friends, including Ken Grant, a friend from the second tour at MIT (1982-1994), and Mark Dyer, a roommate from high school, and my gay buddy of the time.

Stupid me didn't get a picture of Mark. I did get a picture of an older Chrysler Imperial, parked in the Castro, for Mack who loves Chrysler Imperials of all model years.

Chrysler Imperial
Chrysler Imperial, Year Unknown

After we had dinner, Mark and I met up with Evan Klein, a friend of mine from the original MIT attempt (1974-1976).

Then, I tooled down the peninsula to Palo Alto for the 20th annual get together by participants (or, as in my case, former participants) of the Usenet newsgroup soc.motss. "Motss" = "members of the same sex," for those not in the know. Events I participated in included a tour of Google, visited the Computer History Museum, and several fantastic meals. On Sunday I spent some quiet time including a visit to the Stanford campus (which, I think, was actually my number one college pic, but my dad forbade me to go "to where all those goddam hippies are," so instead I went to MIT and hung out with the hippies) and got to spend a little time with my good friend Doron Meyer.

Google Campus
Google Campus

Computer History Museum

Mikey T.
Mike Thomas at the Motss Con Reception

Hoover Institute I
Hoover Institute, Stanford University Campus

Yours Truly at Alice's Restaurant, Woodside, California

Note: Not that Alice's Restaurant.

As noted below, got home in the wee hours of Monday, 20 August. But, it was a great trip. Thanks to all who took time out of their schedules that I could visit with them!

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