16 September 2007


The Simple, Sometimes Inane, Pleasures are the Best

Got to spend most of the day yesterday with Mack. I guess that happens just about every weekend, but sometimes I'm as aware and appreciative of it as I ought to be. Mostly we just did stuff around the house, mainly cleaning up.

Went to eat Thai last night at Thai Corner in Lake Mary. Neither of us had been their before. I thought was very good, maybe the best Thai I've had in Florida. Online reviews are mixed: here compared to here.

Came home and ran into the Tenacious D movie, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny on the cable. Completely stupid and fun, with cameos by Tim Robbins and Ben Stiller and featuring Dave Grohl as Satan.

Update: Fixed broken links. Don't know how I screwed that up the first time, but apparently I did.

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