12 November 2007


Thought for the Day

Always remember that your whole life can be changed in an instant—the ones you love the most may not be here for you when you decide you want them. Life is not always about OUR decisions and what we want. Please don't leave anything unsaid or undone for those that you love, you may not get the chance tomorrow and you don't want to live with—"I wish I had only......"

I wish that since we had no decision making in Bailee leaving that at least those of us who knew her and loved her will remember how quickly she was gone, and how young. It doesn't always happen to "just people you read about or hear about or sick or old people", it can strike any time to any one. And for us to all know that and appreciate each other more, as if each time we see each other or visit could very well be the last....we hope not, but Bailee proved it can happen.

Mack's cousin Keri, who wrote the above, lost her daughter, Bailee, in a car wreck on 4 April 2000.

On 12 November 2001, Keri herself was killed in a car wreck.

Mack's sister Tammy sent me the above at some point. I keep it on the bulletin board over my desk at work.

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Nice....... Such a good reminder of how we all should act and think.
Thanks for posting this, Tim.
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