08 December 2007



Received my Ion USB turntable ($99.95 at Costco with free shipping) the other day and finally got to mess with it today. Felt compelled to rip immediately my work with X-04 and with Ed Fitzgerald and Civic Duty, since those are the only vinyl (acetate in one instance) artifacts that I was ever a performing artist. Hope to get around to ripping music off of 4- and 2-track tapes soon.

Without further delay, for your listening pleasure, from the early 1980s:Details, band drama, perhaps at some future time. I hope it's okay with Ed Fitz that I posted his music. If not, at least I'll get to hear from him!

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Band Drama - Band Drama - Band Drama!

That's what we REALLY want!

- BT
Okay, it all started the night Ed Fitzgerald and Civic Duty opened for REM at the Exit/In. The bass player didn't show up. I got tasked to play bass parts....
Saw EF&CD in N'ville back in the day.
I'm a old friend of Randy and Kyle. For the record, Kyle's last name is spelled 'Frederick'. You had a good song called 'New China" also. Who has the tapes?
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