09 January 2008


Quick New Hampster Reax

(0) Congratulations to Mrs. Clinton. The AP had just called it as I was going to bed, and I didn't stay up for her or Obama's speeches.

(1) I said I wanted a horse race. No complaint there. I kind of hope Edwards wins South Carolina, even though I'm still supporting (in tangible ways) Obama to win the nomination.

(2) Someday people need to learn that what's presented as the "margin of error" is related to the likelihood that a poll is just plain wrong. And, yes, they're sometimes all wrong at the same time, the same way you sometimes get a yahtzee. And you never know just when that's going to happen. Randomness explains a lot.

(3) Ron Paul is nuts. Yes some of the personal libertarian side is appealing, but the gold standard? Maybe we should tie the value of the dollar to moon rocks. They're kind of hard to come by, too.

(4) John McCain gave a lousy speech. Way lousy.

Obama gives the best speeches by far. I'm probably voting for Edwards in the primary (depends on how he does in the states before Florida) but Obama is my next choice.
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