03 April 2008


The Party

So, are you for the candidate or are you for the Party?

I'm for the Party, first, then Senator Obama, second, regardless of all the dinero I've schleped his way or number of people I've advised to vote for him

The most important result of this election is to have a Democratic President. Not that it be Senator Obama; not that it be Senator Clinton.

A Democratic President.

I think those who support either remaining Democratic candidate who try to make the other candidate seem like the Anti-Christ are just nuts? What the hell are you people thinking? Back off. It is more important to win the general than to win the nomination. We may all disagree as to who should win the nomination, but, regardless, we should strive to have the candidate we support reach the nomination in a way that doesn't disparage the other remaining candidate, should that candidate win the nomination.

We are all Democrats here; if not, you ought to be. The Democratic Party, for all its historical faults -- there's slavery, the Civil War, and Jim Crow legislation for starters -- remains the party of the expansion of the Bill of Rights. The party of a more inclusive meaning of "all men are created equal." The Party matters more than its nominee.

I would be happy, in private conversation, to explain why I think Senator Obama is the better of the two remaining candidates, but I will not make my support of him come at the cost of denigrating Senator Clinton should she find some way to win the nomination. No way I am voting for McCain. One shouldn't talk that way.

Either candidate is a good candidate for the party, and we should all act as such. Both candidate's teams have engaged in campaign maneuvers that each likely, or will, regret. So be it. So neither is a Saint: Neither is John McCain, who, for all his admirable traits, is a poorer choice for all but the richest and most powerful Americans to be the next President.

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