02 April 2008


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To the world scientific community

There can be no doubt about the world is standing on the doorstep of the new scientific system of views and ways of perception. In the history and philosophy such situation is called "the changing of the scientific paradigm" and it means in reality the scientific revolution. To all appearances this changing will have unbelievable range and can change the root and the branch of our views to the world, the nature and human being. In such way a gap between the ancient wisdom and modern science, between the eastern mysticism, western pragmatism and positivism, between knowledge and intuition, reason and splash of mind is disappearing. Such important discoveries nearly almost have been made by unauthorized people or scientist with unusual turn of mind. A. Einstein, N. Bohr, M. Born, were "amateurs" and called them selves in a such way. I am not shy, that I'm an amateur too. It's important to have an ability to look at old ideas in a new way. Somebody said once "We need crazy ideas, totally crazy to be right". A. Einstein died about 50 years ago, and hasn't fulfilled his dream - to create the unified theory, describing the Universe in the whole. The last couple dozen years of his life he dedicated to the searching of such theory that could explain everything - from elementary particle and their connection to global structure of the Universe. In spite of great effort Einstein hasn't been succeed in it, because that time it was early for it. I'm a usual man from province had more luck, and the discovery is made. "The unified theory of Universal", which is based on Quantum geometry is created. This theory explains lots of things. But most important thing is that most of what we call mysticism and superstition in our days contain knowledge that exceed the results of science. Technologies that are discovered will pass ahead of modern for thousands years. Right now we can begin to create teleportation modules which will be able to teleportate objects and people to every place on the Earth, solar system and galaxy. It is possible to create the time machine, quantum computer, magnetic charge accelerator, to gain energy from "pure" matter and antimatter. All that will allow us to avoid the destruction of our planet from commercial production of minerals. A lot of things will come to light for people. It will bring to the situation when modern technologies will look like "anachronism". Moreover this today's "anachronism" is a catalyzer of people's vainglory that leads to the changing of the climate that can also influence and speed up the global catastrophe and self-destruction. In our days there is urgent question asked by the Shakespeare in ancient time. "To be or not to be" the existence of humane race on the Earth. But we can choose another way, people that become proficient in "Unified theory of the field" could be gods. For this we only need a faith of the world scientific community and the will of humanity to more reasonable existence on the planet and relation to the world.

Alexander Shikunov


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