15 May 2008



Congratulations to Californians, where today the California Supreme Court ruled today that preventing same-sex marriages was unconstitutional under the California constitution.

Do not be deceived by the religious right or their Republican operatives that this is appointed activist judges infringing on the will of the citizenry by usurping the role of the legislature: (1) It is entirely appropriate for citizens to seek redress through the courts; this is not "appointed activist judges." These judges have been subject to citizen re-approval through the common modified-Missouri-plan; and (2) The legislature of California has twice passed legislation making same-sex marriages legal, but the governator vetoed the laws both times, since the case the decision of which was announced today was already in the courts.

While in many ways I would love to live in California, for the time being I'll continue to work within Florida (a) to ensure that LGBT relationships are not denigrated by the Florida populace through the inane Amendment 2, and (b) to gain legal recognition of the rights that are mine, that are jointly Mack's and mine, by grace of having been born.

Wherever you are, GET WITH THE PROGRAM.

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