01 May 2008


Hey, Mister. What You Gonna Do With Your Government Check?

We're installing a solar-powered hot-water heating system. Should cost about $3800, but after the federal tax credit, state energy-conservation incentive, power-company incentive, and application of our two $600 government "stimulus" checks, we end up about $550 out of pocket. With a $30/month reduction in the power bill, that comes back in a less than two years.

The contractor is local—within five miles. Some of the system hardware is manufactured in-state in Jacksonville; the tank, in Tennessee.

Besides paying off debt, I can't see a much better use of our own money coming back from the federal government.

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All right! You couldnt spend the money more wisely!!
well, I don't have a house, and I don't have any debt, and I have a year's living expenses in my savings account... gosh, what to do?

I know! I'm taking my gummint check and spending it in France! I leave on the 14th. oh and I'm buying a "we are sorry our president is an idiot. we did not vote for him" shirt in French before I go.
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