16 July 2008



Hi, all. Just got back tonight from a couple of nights in and around the District of Columbia, our nation's seat of government. Was up there representing NOGLSTP on the Engineers Week Diversity Council at a meeting with Obama's staffer for education (Senate, not presidential campaign).

The randomness:

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Ibn Timatollah,

I could recommend a "visiting professor" position, but there must be a better way to spend a sabbatical. Or if you happen to want to work on hearing aids, there is still plenty of room for improvement!

As for engineering education, I feel like have a quality education despite, I mean, because of ERAU :-) Ok, so I haven't used any of the stuff I learned, but there was no way of knowing what kind of work I'd end up doing after college.

I have to move back to DC in a month *sigh* my assignment in paradise went by too fast.
I think this photo of you is great! (Hope the link works: It's a MySpace link, folks.)

Hearing aids are challenging, but you know that.

I like DC. Think it would be a nice place to live. For a big US city, it's pretty darned nice. The Metro is great.
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