23 August 2008


Humble (1 of 2)

I will never poo-poo a tropical storm again. One has to remember that the total effect of a distributed phenomenon is basically rate density times volume times time. Whatever TS Fay lacked in rate density, it sure made up for in size and duration.

Here's Fay, getting close to a week later from when it first made the Florida scene.

TS Fay has yet to leave Florida! I think Lawton Chiles walked across the state faster.

The area here in the western part of Volusia County got between 12 and 15 inches of rain—depends on who you ask—and, as you can see from the radar image, we may get even more rain from Fay.

Luckily, our neighborhood has a good drainage system. Others have not been so lucky.

The powers that be are trucking flood water in from nearby neighborhoods and dumping it into our local storm sewers (see below), where it runs into our retention ponds, where it seeps into the ground, and where, eventually, it runs into the Floridan aquifer. The aquifer can use the water.

Trucks Dumping TS Fay Flood Waters Into Our Local Storm Sewer System

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