06 August 2008



Why am I shouting? (ALL CAPS!) Because I think I've finally uploaded the last of the Alaska pictures, only, what?, six?, seven? weeks after we got home.

"Good things come to those who wait."

For all of you who've looked at these, please accept my deep and sincere gratitude. It was a wonderful trip, and it's been my/our pleasure to share what are only tidbits of it with you. If ever the opportunity presents itself to go to Alaska, I very highly recommend it. In fact, let me be presumptuous and say that you would be well-advised to go out of your way to make that opportunity happen.

Last pics, from my iPhone, in the stream here.

Last full set, our last day around Anchorage, here.

Example pics?

Anchorage Visitor Center:

Anchorage Visitor Center

Everything is big in Alaska:

McKinley Mac(k)

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