16 August 2008


Last Week's Travel

Mack and I went to the Oklahoma panhandle last week. His niece Sarah was getting married, and we were installing a new HDTV and home theater for his dad. Here are a few pics:

Mack on the way to Amarillo (on the plane to DFW where we had to change):

Mack on the Way to Amarillo

Mack's folks, Stanley and Gaynor, at the wedding:

Stanley and Gaynor

Mack, up on the tower, making some changes to Stanley's over-the-air wiring:

Mack on Tower

Complete set of wedding pictures here, and complete set of around-the-farm pictures here.

Part of me wants to rant really badly about this whole marriage thing. I know the numbers, and the defaults follow from the numbers. When you're 2% of the population, you don't expect the rules to be bent around you. But, as a living breathing human being, you also get sick of having your inability to participate fully in the civic and religious culture of the nation shoved in your face. That's not the problem of any of the fine folks getting married: It's just kind of frustrating. More some other time, possibly soon.

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