21 September 2008


The Bailout Is Bogus

This bailout is a scam, and don't you forget it.

Its possible intent is to tie the hands of whoever follows Bush, likely and hopefully Obama, so that they can't do what's necessary to restore power, political and economic, rightfully to America's households from the rich fools who've held onto that power and wielded it terribly irresponsibly for the past eight years. (Don't like "fools"? Think of the plural of another word that starts and ends like "firetruck." Don't like "bogus"? Think of another word that starts with "bull" and ends with "shit.")

Not content to have mismanaged the overthrow of a heinous dictator, resulting in years of unnecessary American occupation of a foreign nation; to have handed our potential adversaries incredible leverage in the form of our national debt, since the then-Republican Congress enacted tax cuts for the wealthiest among us; the Bush administration wants (1) sole authority for decisions regarding which "financial instruments" to assume responsibility for to exist only with the Secretary of the Treasury, (2) no relief for households who bought into the scams promoted by the get-rich-quick shell game of contemporary home financing, and (3) no accompanying broader economic stimulus package.


They're incompetent. Haven't we learned this by now?

So, first thing tomorrow (MON, 22 SEP 2008) morning, you've got to call (1) your Representative in the U.S. House and (2) both your Senators, regardless of party affiliation, and tell them "NO!" Tell them that this stinks to high Heaven. Tell them over your dead body. Tell them that there's no way that the Bush administration is getting yet one more blank check with which to screw the American people.


This is a bad deal until further amended. A financial amnesty may be necessary, even if those money-grubbing Republican [word for illegitimate children] were trying to rip everyone off in a bogus financial restructuring scheme, but that amnesty has to extend to the people at the bottom, not just those at the top.

p.s. Mack and I, even though we bought at near the top of the crazy real-estate market, have a decent 30-year fixed-rate loan. I'm talking about people who got snookered into crazy variable-rate, balloon payment, screwed by the bottom dropping out. Yes, I'd like the real-estate market to rebound, but we didn't buy our house to make a killing; we bought it because it met our requirements.

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