20 October 2008


Attn: Nervous Nellies

Buck up!

Your running around scared of the GOP machine is sooooo 2004. Instead of doing everything you can to demoralize the opposition, you're fretting.

Wake the eff up.

Your attitude has a lot to do with how this election turns out. It's not some kind of magical "whatever you believe will happen," but it is some kind of not-too-deeply mysterious "if you act correctly, you can determine the outcome."

These folks are the ones with whom we share this nation. They choose to be on the wrong side of a great election we have coming. We won't hold that against them.

But be clear in your own minds. Those few are choosing to be on the wrong side. Your job is to get them on the right side, not to hand-wring about their invincible machine.

Instead of fretting, you ought to be reminding them of how badly they're going to lose on 4 November.

Instead of talking about their secret reservior of power, you ought to be recalling your own reservoir: the millions who've just registered, just to see this come to the right conclusion.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again until some of you get it: There are only two true winning slogans in an election: "You never had it so good," and "Time for a change." 2004 and "Be afraid. Be very afraid" was a gross aberation.

Do you seriously think the American public wants to be in this situation in 2012 saying, "We thought we'd get change with McCain, but we really knew it was more of the same"?


They want change now, and the only candidate that can bring the change we need, the change you can believe, is Obama.

So cut the shit with the whining. Cut the shit with your secret fear of the Republican hate machine. Cut the shit with your fear and "respect" of those who stand for the monied and who wrongfully use the deeply religious to enhance their own power, not because they really share their views.

Buck up. Grow a pair. And tell everyone you know that the next President of the United States is Barack Obama.

Tell them that John McCain and Sarah Palin are frauds. Untrustworthy. Undeserving of leading this great nation in this time of need.

And that you pity them if they can't get with the program.



Obama 2008. The change we need.

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