19 October 2008


Two + Two 'til No on 2

Two weeks and two days to go until the election. Here's an update re: No on 2.

First, there's this great post by Marc Kevin Hall at Hidden City.
I don't mind the name calling, really. Some withered bitch on the phone calling me a "goddam faggot" rolls off my back; so do all the violent phone-slams and the "my wife will vote the way I god damn tell her to vote" statements. But those are more than compensated by the people who don't understand the wording of the amendment, and who appreciate me taking the time to explain it to them. Hearing people say "Hell no, I'm not going to vote for that!" also feels good, and the occasional person like 78 year old Elaine make it all worthwhile. Elaine didn't really understand the proposal at first, and then said "Wait, are we still fighting this battle? What the hell is wrong with those people in Tallahassee? Who gives a good God damn who wants to fuck who? Let everybody be happy for Christ's sake!"
The irony about those folks calling Marc a faggot is that he's not gay.

Second, new polling on the amendment is showing 53% yes, 42% no, 5% undecided, and since in a surprising (for Florida) smart move several years ago we boosted the level required for an amendment to pass from simple majority to 60%, that's looking good. But it's no reason to be complacent. So please, if you can, give or continue to give your time and your treasure to Say No 2.

Addendum: Let me encourage my Florida readers to argue politely with people who intend to vote yes. While the amendment won't be enacted unless it gets 60% of the vote, it would still be better to have a majority of folks vote against the amendment.

Last, Mack and I are mentioned in this article on Amendment 2 by Eileen Zafirro at the Daytona Beach News-Journal. I hope features like this help, but I gotta be honest: even when you're kind of excited about being in the paper, it's a little freaky to see your name mentioned in the excerpt of the top story on the front-page of their web site, and, I presume, on the front page of the print edition (gotta run and pick one up). (I will barely grumble, here and now is it, about the photographer that didn't show up yesterday.)

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