26 October 2008


Vote Like Us

Voting: Tim with Sample Ballot Voting: Mack After Voting

Submitted for your perusal, the sample ballot that Mack and I marked up and used in the voting booth yesterday during early voting.
The simple rules:
  1. "Hold your nose and vote the straight Democratic ticket." (Thanks to Joe Fineman's mom.)
  2. Keep judges appointed by Lawton Chiles; dump judges appointed by Jeb! (As with "Jeopardy!", the bang ('!') is part of the name.)
  3. Locally, it's probably best to get some fresh blood in. George Coleman's a fine man, but he's had his chance. Given the (lack of) response to the TS Fay flooding, I don't see why we would keep him. Similarly with the City Council Seat 3 election.

In the weeds, we voted against the local option tax for community colleges, because I think that localities shouldn't be able to differentially support post-secondary education unless they want to go all out and charter their own school. Community colleges in Florida are state-chartered schools, and if the state doesn't want to pony up the money to support them, then we'd better quit electing pro-stupidity keep-'em-dumb Republicans to the legislature.

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It's so SHORT! I'd forgotten what it's like to vote without having to choose people for 47 judicial seats when you've never heard of most of the candidates. (My rule, unless I actually knew about them: vote Democratic. When there are no Democrats, vote Libertarian. When there's only a Republican, don't vote.

I'm sure some of the Republicans are OK, but the local GOP is just so disgusting that I am comfortable with this; if you want to be considered as an individual candidate, don't associate yourself with a bunch of mud-slinging racist reprobates.)
Heh, you and I have the same philosophy on judges. I've been really on the fence about the community college funding amendment, and it's helpful to hear the opinion of an educator. Now if I could only decide on that Amendment 2.... ;-)
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