16 March 2009


Featured Photo

The online version of Smithsonian's Air and Space Magazine is featuring my photo below. Right now. Go look, here, to see the thumbnail on the front page, and here to see their photo with the blurb. It's STS-126, Shuttle Endeavour, as seen from the parking lot of the Lehman Building at ERAU where my office is.

Shuttle Endeavour (II)

After corresponding with one of their editors, I'm not sure it was post-SRB (was tired and on a plane when writing my reply). The main engines glow blue, if I recall correctly; the SRBs, orange. If I did misidentify the time into flight, I apologize for any misinformation.

Yes, some of you reading this have seen this already by e-mail or on Facebook. What, you think I should keep quiet about this? I'm tickled.


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