23 September 2009


My Last (Only) Klan Rally

Date: Mid-summer, 1980 (I'd guess)
Dateline: Cave City, Kentucky
The Scene: Good buddy Tricky Nicky and I were staying at the Holiday Inn, Cave City, because we were doing the Lantern Tour of Mammoth Cave the next day.

We came across a Klan rally. A real, no-shit, Klan rally, with Klansmen in white sheets and totally cowardly masks: pointy dunce-cap masks, etc., as you've all seen depicted.

I wanted to rush the rally.

Tricky Nicky said, "Timmy, you're crazy. They'll kill you."

I let him talk me out of it.

I still regret it.

Goddamn Klan. How the hell almost 150 years after the US Civil War do you still have so much sway over the minds of the weak? You are not Christian, for all your protestations, and you know it. You are evil, weak, sinful, and cowardly: Something for all the human race to be ashamed of. Go to Hell, you piss-poor excuses for human beings.

And your Klan wannabe teabaggers, too.

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oh great atollah ( tim-wise )...i agree about the klan, but the right to petition the government for redress of grievances is sanctified by the Constitution.
it doesn't have anything in there about a person must be RIGHT when they come before the Throne...they have an inherent right, as sovreign individuals, to make elected officials LISTEN.
the tabaggers saw themselves as being patriotic...they yelled and barked, but prided themselves on non-violence, even when being terribly disrespectful. their reasoning was that their elected reps weren't respectable at the moment.
your page is now among my faves...so hurry up and write more, so i can whine more.
I admit it: The teabagger comment was gratuitous, but you gotta throw an elbow every now and then to see how far the refs will let you go.
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