23 April 2006


Condom Sense

Speaking of sex, Jeff Schaumeyer writes, here, about the efforts of the usual suspects to bully drug stores and convenience stores into pulling condoms from open displays and making the customer ask the clerk for them.
My point is that the shame that the extremists are exploiting is pointless, without reason, and capable of being overcome; it's a classic case where the oppressors can only win if the oppressed let them win.

Here is my suggested tactic, to be carried out as frequently as possible by as many as possible: Go to your local drugstore where the condoms are locked away, press the little red call button, and then ask for "condoms, please" as loudly as possible. Trust me: the prudes and sex-control queens tend to give up the shame tactic really fast when it's pointed back at them, and those who need to feel better about the situation will feel much, much better. [Emphasis in the original.]

Seconded, strongly.

Is the fraction of people who'll defer having sex so substantially larger than the fraction who will go ahead and screw anyway without barrier protection worth the increment in sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregancies that comes from not using rubbers? No, of course not.

Being a sexual human being isn't a shameful condition, although, like I was trying to note below, it's not necessarily easy to talk about, which makes it easier for those so inclined to try to frame it like it's shameful.

It's not. Have fun, but be careful. Like the man said, "Condoms, please." Loudly.

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