18 November 2007


Kenneth M. Wilson Company Women's Quilt

When my dad died, my mom and brother ran his business, a sewing factory. After a year or so, my mom had had enough and got out. When she left, some of the women who worked there made her this quilt.

KMW Co. Women's Quilt

They all used the same pattern, but each one brought her own scraps and added her own name. Here are a couple of examples.

Rita Gossett Lillian Qualls Lois Waters

I'm in the process of getting the quilt to the Hickman County (Tennessee) Historical Society. It's just been sitting in a cedar chest forever. But I wanted a copy of the images, and I wanted to share them all. The entire set of photos is here.

Cold hard life intrusion among the sweetness: Anyone got any ideas on how to value the gift for tax purposes?

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