20 January 2008


Rosie the Riveter / LoC Flickr Action / MLK Weekend

The Library of Congress is using Flickr so that self-selecting individuals—people with Flickr accounts who are interested—can tag photos from the LoC's photo collection. Here's the idea, from the (who knew?) Library of Congress blog.

One of the first 3100 photos is the one below.

Suggest something familiar?

There were lots of Rosie the Riveters, but the WWII iconography makes it easier to think of them as all being white rather than the many skin colors of the people that make up the USA. So, for me, it's a nice photo to consider during this weekend when we celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King. That Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are duking it out for the Democratic nomination for US President only makes it that much more appropriate.

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