14 September 2008


What Are You Doing?

I've recently started using Twitter, and I like it. Posts of 160 characters or less answering the question, "What are you doing?" go to other subscribers who are "following" you. It also auto-updates my Facebook status. You can have the posts ("tweets") sent to your cell phone as an SMS message, but that costs money under most plans. If your phone supports applications, there might be a Twitter-serving application for it; example: Twitterific on the iPhone (and the Mac, as well).

So, if you're following me on Twitter or see my Facebook updates, then these are old news. But, to answer "What have y'all been up to?", we went to an old friend of mine's wedding last night, got up this morning and took the dog to the dog park, then drove around DeBary checking out where there's still flooding three weeks after Tropical Storm Fay. After we got home, I took some pics of the cats in the back yard, then spent a couple of hours messing around with the pictures and uploading them to our Flickr site.

There's not that many photos overall, even though I put some of them into sets, so maybe the best way to proceed is to start here and work backwards through the photostream. Some representative samples:

Me, curiously earnest in performance of the very serious task of checking my gas gauge.
Why So Serious?

Lake at Paradise Cove Watersports, where the wedding took place.
Lake and Moon with Party Lights

Jim and Amy cut the cake.
Cut the Cake

Mack and Ursa, after the dog park.
Slobber Dog

Hoses, still pumping flood waters from Tropical Storm Fay away.

Carrot, on the go, on the fence.
Carrot, On the Go

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