31 August 2009


Republican End-of-Life Care

An open letter to America's seniors and soon-to-be seniors:

I understand that you're upset because a bunch of G.O.P. yahoos have been running around the country and telling you that Obama's health plan includes "death panels," when, in fact, it doesn't. I understand that you're upset because you think that money's going to be shifted out of Medicare, when in fact, the mentioned reductions in Medicare spending come about through real cost savings, not shifting money around.

What I think you don't understand is what the G.O.P. has in store for you instead. What is it they really want?

Two words: Terri Schiavo. That's right. What the G.O.P. and their insurance company and long-term care friends want for you, instead of your right to leave this world through terms of your and your closest-ones' understanding and legal directive, is to put you into rooms hooked up to machines until one after another of your organ systems should fail, possibly years later. They're not interested in your human dignity, your decisions when you're of sound mind, or your God-given rights as an individual to control your own destiny. Instead, they just want to get you into situations where the cash flows from the government and those paying insurance premiums into their filthy pockets.

They'll exploit every trick in the book to do this, telling you you're going to Hell should you choose not to plug into the machines in their "care facilities," telling you that they know what God wants for you. They don't. They just want the money.

With them, it's always about the money. Have you forgotten so quickly?

So, every time they tell you that Obama and the Democrats want to do this or Obama and the Democrats want to do that with your Medicare, your private insurance, or your own very personal end-of-life decisions, watch your wallet, because twenty-to-one, one of their consortium of wealthy interests benefits from that opposition, at your expense.

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