01 September 2009


G.O.P.-care II: Medical Payment Roulette

What's the G.O.P. want for you regarding health care?

Well, since they want to prevent reform from taking place, that means they're for the current system of payment roulette. You go to the doctor, the doctor recommends a test or a procedure. You go ahead with it, and then you find out several months after the fact that your insurance company won't pay. Doctors' offices are calling you, sending you bills, threatening collection action, all because the insurance companies have it rigged where you don't know how much you're going to have to pay out of pocket, sometimes for something as simple as a doctor's visit.

One of the main aspects of the reforms proposed by the President and the Democrats in Congress is you would know how much a doctor's visit, tests, and procedures would cost you out of pocket beforehand, not months after the fact.

The insurance companies and their G.O.P. toadies like it the way it is, because they often can trick you into paying for things you shouldn't have to, or they can make their rules so impossible to decipher that you—and sometimes your doctor—just can't tell how much your insurance covers before hand.

If you're against medical payment roulette, you ought to support the kinds of reforms proposed by the President and the Democrats in Congress.

See also: Republican End-of-Life Care.

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