05 September 2009


G.O.P.-care IV: Medical Payment Roulette II

We've already discussed the kind of payment roulette that comes from visiting your doctor then finding out that the tests, procedures, and treatments your doctor proscribed aren't covered by your health insurance. The G.O.P. and the for-profit health-care industry want to keep things this way (are they proposing to do away with it?), 'cause it's part of what keeps them rich. But worse than that are the caps on annual and lifetime spending.

God-forbid you should find out you have cancer. Cancer requiring hundreds of thousands of dollars of visits to oncologists, of treatment, of hospitalization, of surgery. And then you realize that you've reached that annual cap on what your health insurance pays. Guess who pays now? That's right, buster: it's you.

The reforms being proposed by the President and the Democrats in Congress would simply end this practice. Yes, of course that means an increment in what would have to be payed out by insurance, and, yes, of course, that somehow we have to come up with the resources to cover the expense. That might come from savings, from reduced waste fraud and abuse, or from taxes, but it's worth it, and it's the right thing to do.

As always, ask yourself why the for-profit health care industry and their G.O.P. toadies are against this approach, practiced by almost all industrialized nations. Could it be that they would rather have your dollars than have you receive the treatment and care necessary? As always with the G.O.P., it comes back to the money.

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